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consultant (from Latinconsultare "to discuss") is a professional who provides professional or expert advice[1] in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), managementaccountancylawhuman resourcesmarketing (andpublic relations), financeengineeringscience or any of many other specialized fields. A consultant is usually an expert or a professional in a specific field and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter.[2] The role of consultant outside the medical sphere (where the term is used specifically for a grade of doctor) can fall under one of two general categories: Internal consultant - someone who operates within an organization but is available to be consulted on areas of specialism by other departments or individuals (acting as clients); orExternal consultant - someone who is employed externally (either by a firm or some other agency) whose expertise is provided on a temporary basis, usually for a fee. As such this type of consultant g…

Information technology consulting

Information technology consulting (also called IT consulting, computer consultancy, computing consultancy, technology consulting, business and technology services or IT advisory) is a field that focuses on advising businesses on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives. In addition to providing advice, IT consultancies often estimatemanageimplementdeploy, and administer IT systems on businesses' behalf, known as outsourcing.
The IT consulting industry can be viewed as a Four-tier system: Professional services firms which maintain large professional workforce's and command high bill rates.Staffing firms, which place technologists with businesses on a temporary basis, typically in response to employee absences, temporary skill shortages and technical projects.Independent consultants, who are self-employed or who function as employees of staffing firms (for US tax purposes, employed on Form W-2), or as independent contractors in their own righ…

Recruitment Strategy For BPO.

Recruitment Strategy For BPO.
To be successful in recruiting line it is important for you to understand all the open requirements in a better way. Speak with line managers on a regular basis, have better bonding with existing staff members and an optimistic approach. I am confident that you will see the success. From my experience, the best to recruit BPO employees will be employee referrals and job sites. Also it would be good to have a tie up training institutes that provide English speaking and PD training

Also it would be good for you to speak with top performers in all teams to clearly understand the qualities that your firm is looking in prospective employees. For recruiting top performers it is very important that their personality should match with the characteristics of the job.

Computer Science

Computer science

Computer science is the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. It is the systematic study of the feasibility, structure, expression, and mechanization of the methodical procedures (or algorithms) that underlie the acquisition, representation, processing, storage, communication of, and access to information, whether such information is encoded as bits in a computer memory or transcribed in genes and protein structures in a biological cell.[1] A computer scientist specializes in the theory of computation and the design of computational systems.[2] Its subfields can be divided into a variety of theoretical and practical disciplines. Some fields, such as computational complexity theory (which explores the fundamental properties of computational and intractable problems), are highly abstract, while fields such as computer graphics emphasize real-world visual applications. Still other fields focus on the challenges in implementing computation. …